Poster Presentations

The poster session for NWAV 43 will take place on October 23, 2014 at 6:00-7:30pm in the 2nd floor Wheaton Room. If we find that the space in this room is inadequate for 42 posters, we will open the North River Room for additional space. Further information on this possibility will be available upon check in at the registration desk.

Conference registrations held in the Wheaton Room on Friday will end promptly at 5 pm to allow poster set up to begin at 5:15 pm. Please be in the Wheaton room by 5:30 pm, the latest, to find your spot and start setting up your poster.

Each poster will be presented on easels. Each easel will have a piece of paper with the poster number on it. The poster number is the number listed for your poster in the final program (ranging from P1 to P42). To find the number assigned to your poster, please click on the following link and scroll down to Friday’s Poster Session:

Each presenter will be given a cardboard backing, on which they can affix their printed poster. This cardboard board backing is 36in (height) by 48in (wide). We do not recommend having a larger than 36in (height) by 48in (wide) poster, as the tripod is not designed to handle large images. Of course, you are welcome to print a smaller size poster. We recommend that the poster be oriented ‘landscape view’, as shown on the picture below. You will be able to clip your poster onto the cardboard using standard push pints that the conference organizers will supply for you in the Wheaton room.


Here is an image of research posters presented on easels, using white cardboard backing:


Image downloaded from :


You are welcome to have handouts, although there will be no table next to your easel to hold had-outs or laptops. There are currently 340 people registered for the conference. We suggest you prepare 80 handouts minimum, if you are bringing them.

We strongly encourage you to print your poster prior to travelling to the conference. There is a copy center near the conference site within a 3 min. walk - FedEx Office Print & Ship Center: 909 N Michigan Ave. NB: This office requires a minimum 24-hour notice and this copy center closes at 5pm on Thursday and Friday and not opened at all on Saturday or Sunday): Questions about FedEx/Kinko’s copy center requirements should be directed to these centers. See contact information at the following websites: