Oral Presentations

Each presentation will be 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.Chairs for each session will be instructed to end each presentation after 25 minutes in order to allow the same amount of time for other papers.


Please bring your power point presentation on a flash drive so that on the day of your presentation, you can download a copy on to the laptop computer that will be connected to the room's sound and projection system for your paper session. Laptops will run either Power Point 2010 or Power Point 2007 on a PC (there will be no MACs). Please make sure your version of Power Point - or any other interface you’ll use - is compatible with these interfaces. You will have time to make sure your presentation will open properly on the laptop computer, but you will not have time to test for all possible errors. We recommend testing your presentation at an appropriate PC computer and Power Point interface prior to attending the conference. The presentation rooms will be open during the breaks for you to copy your presentation onto the laptop and test things. DO NOT PLAN ON ACCESSING MATERIAL THAT REQUIRES A NETWORK CONNECTION (e.g. the internet, an online database, etc.) DURING YOUR PRESENTATION.There will not be wi-fi or internet access in the presentation rooms.


Presenters are allowed to use their own laptops under the following conditions:
(1) We ask that presenters minimize the amount of interference in the previous person's question period. Sessions chairs will be directed to only allow the next presentation to setup when there is one minute left for questions. Any extra time setting up or transitioning will come out of the presenters’ talk time.
(2) You can test your setup during breaks or in the morning before the start of the conference. You should know ahead of time how to switch your laptop between displays in order to project. There will be no support for personal laptops (PC/Mac) during the conference.
(3) There will be a VGA hookup. We will not provide any other adapters (i.e. those of you with Macs should bring your own VGA adapter or those of you with HDMI connections only should bring your own adapter for a VGA connection as well).


There are currently 350 people registered for the conference. We suggest you prepare 100 handouts minimum, if you bring any.


There is a copy center near the conference site within a 3 min. walk - FedEx Office Print & Ship Center: 909 N Michigan Ave. NB: Requires a minimum 24-hour notice and this copy center is closed at 5pm on Thursday and Friday and not opened at all on Saturday or Sunday):


The conference hotel has on-site printing, for a fee, as well. We suggest not using it for handouts or large amounts of items.


Questions about FedEx copy center requirements,etc, should be directed to them (see contact information at the website).